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                                  Axial-flow Pump and Mixed-flow Pump

                                  • Products Name:Tri-star Start Control Cabinet
                                  • No.:sn2016081800772
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                                  • Features and Benefits

                                    It can conduct automatic self-coupling decompression starting of the induction motor and accelerate or stop the motor, thus to protect the motor from short circuit, phase loss and overloading. Add the overheating protection and pump oil chamber leakage protection


                                    Complete control functions: Multiple modes of liquid level, pressure, temperature, time and linkage and the protective function of the motor is complete: Multiple inspections of short circuit, phase loss, overload, and overheat. Reasonable design, compact structure, economical and practical

                                    Performance parameters

                                    Power of control motor:15-110Kw

                                    Control voltage:380V

                                    Control of pump number:1-5

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